Outdoor Solo Action: Cody Cummings Floats Like A Butterfly

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Scene Title: Float Like A Butterfly Stroke Like A Beast

Description: In this corner, it’s the rock hard, finely chiseled, NextDoor Stallion himself…with his cock weighing in way off the scale, he’s hot, he’s horny, he knows how to work up a sticky, gym-session sweat…he’s a lean, mean stroking machine…you asked for the best, so we got the best…CODY CUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGSSSSSS!!!!!

That’s right, Cody Cummings is back to go 12 rounds with his own massive dick! Watch him warm up with expert technique on the speed bag. And of course you know how Cody ends his workout sessions…by blowing a fat load into his sparring gloves!


Actors: Cody Cummings