Laying Down The Law

Your favorite hunk, Cody Cummings, is back with another great update and as you can see he has a really close relationship with his lawyer. The horny guys have their own way of taking care of business and that, of course, include a lot of ass fucking, luckily for us. Each time Cody needed his lawyer besides paying his fee he also got a turn at his fine ass. He’s young, just graduated and is into dudes. With the help of some of his friends, he got Cody as a client and stayed friends after that. This is one of the few guys that he kept without knowing that he was into guys. Usually, he could easily tell but with this one, it was a bit different.

After they first victory on the court, Cody invited him over to his place to celebrate and as you can see the celebration didn’t stop at a toast. After he got his lawyer a bit buzzed he admitted that he’s into guys and that’s the best thing you can tell Cody. After this they moved the celebration upstairs were his cute lawyer surprised him even more. He might say that he doesn’t have a lot of experience but what he did there surely wasn’t a rookie’s work. But the night wasn’t complete until Cody Cummings got his turn on his fine ass. Enjoy it and make sure you return to see more of his latest updates! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see a hot tranny getting her pretty face drenched in cum!


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Cody Cummings and Paul Wagner

Cody Cummings and Paul Wagner are good friends, but they share so much more. The guys get together when they have time to nail one another’s ass. Usually, they get together to hoop but that after a few laps they end up sharing the same shower and nailing their asses instead. Today wasn’t that different from most of their meetings, they started by actually going in the backyard and taking some shots on the basketball court. They both got bored of that pretty fast so that was it with basketball for that day. Let’s face it everyone knew why they got together and basketball was just a way to postpone that.

The guys moved the action indoors, where Cody’s neighbor couldn’t disturb them. This time they didn’t make it to the shower that fast because they made a quick break in the living room so Paul could suck off Cody’s dick while jerking off his dick. Cody moved all the fun upstairs soon after and the guys started their ball routine. A steamy shower where our hunk, Cummings got his dick sucked a bit more and then it was Cody’s turn to do his magic and nobody does it like him. We can assure of that! In case this is the first scene you see from Cody make sure you take a look at some of the older updates as well. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more scenes or visit the site and see a hot tranny sucking cocks!


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Keeping Up With The Boys

Cody Cummings couldn’t wait to catch up with some of his favorite boys. Cody has two guys that he fucks on a weekly basis and they are in the scene below. Although they are younger than him, that doesn’t really stop them from visiting him for time to time. Keeping up with these boys got pretty interesting for Cody and he was actually looking forward to see them today. The boys always make time to visit their good old friend Cody because let’s face it you can’t find another guy like him and everyone knows that. The hot younger hunks did most of the work and Cody stick to what he knows better and that’s nailing asses. Everyone knows his part sticks to it but let’s face it Cody has the best one.

Cody and the gang offered us another great scene and as you got used to here you are going to find a bit of everything and having three guys instead of two makes things way more interesting. Cody taught these guy everything they need to know about his preferences. Things between them are getting hotter and hotter so you better check out the entire gallery we have prepared for you guys. Also you might enter the site and see some hot trannies riding big cocks! Enjoy it and make sure you guys return for more scenes featuring your favorite stud in action. Until them make sure you check out some of the older updates as well.


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Cody Cummings and Hunter Page

Cody Cummings and his guy Hunter Page are back. These two had a great time during their last encounter and Cody had to bang Hunter’s ass one more time. Well if last time Hunter was sent to Cody’s place by his dad this time he came all by himself. He skipped some classes one afternoon and paid him a visit to catch up and see if he was in the mood for some more fun. Few guys knew about Hunter’s interests and one of those guys was Cody, that promised to keep it to himself and not tell his dad. Well, he couldn’t actually tell him without mentioning that he fucked his stepson, so he made sure to keep it just between them. Breaking out that news isn’t going to help anyone, so it was better this way.

Cody was kind of impressed with the young guy, so he didn’t seem to upset about his visit the other day. After their first meeting, Cody took him straight to the bedroom and make sure that Hunter was going to do his magic one more time. Young Hunter was there to please Cody and he did so as he was cleaning up his fat dick. He loves sucking cocks, just like the cock hungry shemales from theĀ site! But this isn’t the only really reason Hunter came, he was actually looking forward to getting CodyCummings Big dick up his ass one more time. Let’s say that by the end everyone got theirs.


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Just a Visitor

Cody Cummings has a new visitor in his room and as usual, things end up pretty good for both of them. Cody got to bang one of the guys from the hotel he was staying at. Most of the time guys fall into Cody’s lap and that really saves him a lot of work and time, this is also what happened here. A few days ago he had to make a business trip and stayed at his usual hotel, but this time there were some new guys working there. Guys that Cody didn’t get the chance to check out and more important, test out.


Y’all know Cody isn’t the guy to miss out on something like this, so he tested the waters and began flirting with one of the guys. Needless to say that worked out great for him because after his shift the guy was at his doorstep. Nothing better to help him relax before an important meeting then a one night stand, to strings attached, just sex. Cody let the cute guy do his work as he was lying down on the bed waiting his turn to stuff his ass. After Cody jizzed all over his cute face he finally got to bang his ass. Yes, this is pretty much how things work out for CodyCummings and we enjoy every minute of it. So make sure you check it out as well!

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Cody Cummings and Hunter Pag

Hunter Pag is the latest guy to land in Cody Cummings bed. The youngster was in Cody’s care that weekend and he did a hell of a job taking care of him and his tight ass. Hunter is one of his buddy’s son and he was asked to take care of him for an entire week while his dad was out of town. Hunter is a trouble maker so he needed some supervision and Cody was there to help his friend out. After his friend left him at his place, he took him to his room for the weekend and he went to the pool to swim for a bit.

While he was making laps he didn’t hear Hunter and so out of a sudden he saw the younger hunk in the water next to him. But that wasn’t even the weirdest part because Hunter entered the water without any clothes on him. Cody couldn’t stop staring at him and knew what was going to happen, although he didn’t really want to upset his friend he had to do it. Later that day when he was in his room, Cody paid him a visit and got the same view he had at the pool. Young Hunter was on his bed completely naked and before he could do anything the youngster was all over him, especially his dick. Below you can see him sucking and riding his dick. See you guys next time!


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Feet First

Cody Cummings is back with another great one. This time he got to nail his cute masseur and as you can see he did a pretty job with that. He has this guy coming over to his place once a week to give him a full body massage. Well, he does a bit more than that for the right price. The preview below is a good proof of that and as you can see the masseur is open minded. The guy is up to everything and didn’t turn down any of Cody’s ideas. He did his job first and offered him an amazing massage and spent some time taking care of every inch of his body.

He took really good care of his favorite client and you can see that as he sucks off his dick after their massage session. But Cody wanted more and he had the perfect guy to take care of that. The jocks had the entire afternoon all to themselves and Cody really enjoyed nailing his cute masseur’s ass in his bedroom. This is what we call a full-service masseur, this guy really takes good care of his clients and does everything he can to please them and take care of their every need. And he’s also really cute so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more updates featuring your favorite hunk, CodyCummings. See you soon!


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Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis

If you are wondering how is the blond jock sucking off Cody Cummings, his name is Brandon Lewis and you guys are going to love him. The cute hunk, Brandon is here to show you guys just how much he enjoys blowing dicks, especially Cody’s. The two hot hunks met the other day in the gym and things really kicked off for them because soon after that they were inseparable. Cody wasn’t going to miss out on banging his ass, so he invited him over to his place to get know each other better over a few beers. Well, no one actually believed that and by the time they got in the house they were all over each other, undressing, and jerking off one another’s dick. But things are just getting started for these two and there is so much more you gotta see.


If you check out Cody’s updates you know by now that he usually lets them start, so don’t be surprised to see Brandon sucking off Cody’s dick. No worries, there more coming, below you got just a little preview to give you an idea of how things went between them. Cody wouldn’t miss out the opportunity to nail his ass, especially after the great job he did on his dick. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more CodyCummings updates and until next time you can take a look at some of the older updates as well! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

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Cody Lends His Hand

Everyone knows Cody Cummings is a really generous guy, especially when he gets his dick sucked off in that process. When you need his help he’s always there ready to lends you a hand and his new neighbor found that out too. The other day when he was getting back home he saw the moving trucks parked in front of the house next to his. He couldn’t help himself and go there so see who moved it and that was a really good idea. His new neighbor was hot, gay and single, the perfect match. If you are wondering how he found all of this out so fast, well his neighbor loves talking and doesn’t have a lot of boundaries. Cody helped him move a few boxes and after they were done with everything Cody invited him to his place for dinner.

The jock was waiting for the invite so he didn’t need to much time to think it through. The hot new guy and our guy, CodyCummings, jumped over dinner and focused on getting to know one another instead. The preview below is the best proof of that and the guys really kicked it off. The guys couldn’t keep it to themselves for too long so in no time there were literally over one another, blowing their dicks and nailing their asses too. Cody never lets us down and he did a great job in this one as well.


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Cody Cummings and Bradley Rose

Cody Cummings paid a visit to his doctor the other day and he left his office with more than an consult. Cody and doctor Bradley Rose had a great time nailing their asses. The doctor did his job and took care of his consult first, making sure that everything is okay with him and then spent quite some time taking care of his dick. His doc already knew the drill and in no time he was butt naked jerking off Cody’s hard dick while he was lying on the table. This is what we call a special treatment for his special patient.

Bradley knows just how to please Cody and he enjoys every second of it. The inked hunk had to thank his doctor and he did it in the best way. Cody took his time nailing Bradley’s fine ass and he gave another great one. You aren’t going to find anyone like our guy, CodyCummings. In this one, he has a guy up to his standards, hot with an amazing body and up to some dirty work. As you can see for Cody, seeing his doctor is way more fun than for most of the guys. The jock had a blast fucking his hot doctor and you get to see it all in the scene we have for you guys below. Stay tuned for more steamy updates featuring your favorite hunk in action in the next scenes!


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