Gym Buddies

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and hot Cody Cummings scene today as well. Well for this one we are back to the gym once more and you can bet that some nice gay fucking was involved in this scene as well. Cody wanted to get to do some more working out today and his trainer was there as well to help him out today. Well Cody has a special affection towards this guy and he usually ends up banging the guy in the lockers after it’s all said and done. Well this afternoon it was going rather slow as no one really showed up to work out, but the two still got to have their fun nonetheless anyway. So let’s see them play.

The fun part was that for this one they got to play in the main are of the gym. Since no one was in and no one called in to say they’d be there, the trainer closed the place up so that they may have the place all to themselves today. Well he helped Cody with his routine first. You can bet that he loves to see that sexy muscled body in shape too. After all that the two got to relax with some man on man fucking and you get to see the trainer go down on Cody and suck his fine hard cock for a good while. When he was rock hard and ready he bent over and gave up that sexy round ass for a hard style pounding as well. Enjoy it!

Check out Cody getting sucked by his personal trainer!