Cody Cummings And Hunter Pag

Hunter Pag is the latest guy to land in Cody Cummings bed. The youngster was in Cody’s care that weekend and he did a hell of a job taking care of him and his tight ass. Hunter is one of his buddy’s son and he was asked to take care of him for an entire week while his dad was out of town. Hunter is a trouble maker so he needed some supervision and Cody was there to help his friend out. After his friend left him at his place, he took him to his room for the weekend and he went to the pool to swim for a bit.

While he was making laps he didn’t hear Hunter and so out of a sudden he saw the younger hunk in the water next to him. But that wasn’t even the weirdest part because Hunter entered the water without any clothes on him. Cody couldn’t stop staring at him and knew what was going to happen, although he didn’t really want to upset his friend he had to do it. Later that day when he was in his room, Cody paid him a visit and got the same view he had at the pool. Young Hunter was on his bed completely naked and before he could do anything the youngster was all over him, especially his dick. Below you can see him sucking and riding his dick. See you guys next time!

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