Cody Cummings And Vince Ferelli

Cody Cummings and Vince Ferelli are back with another amazing update. The hot duo is back and they kept things just as hot as they were last time when the guys also had a blast blowing and banging their asses. Cody knew that Vince has a little studio so he was his first call a few days ago. He needed some nude pictures for his portfolio and he wasn’t going to undress for a complete stranger. Once he got to Vince’s place, Cody started taking off his clothes, revealing his hot body and those rock hard abs. It was really hard for Vince to focus but luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait for it too much!

But let’s face nobody is here for his body and we are all waiting to see his hard dick. Vince kept it professional and took some photos of Cody but then he couldn’t help it and seeing his butt naked in front of him made his job so much harder. He couldn’t focus at all so he gave up on taking photos and made sure that he did everything he could to please Cody. Vince undressed and then took his time to suck off Cody’s dick in front of the rolling cameras. We were hoping that the guys might spice things up between them and we weren’t wrong. You can check out the entire scene below and make sure you tell us what you think about it!

Click here and watch Vince blowing Cody’s dick!