Tangerine Touch

Another fresh week and time for some more nice and hot Cody Cummings scenes to be shown off. We know you have been patient and the stud knows as well. And that’s why, today he has another special feature him with just himself enjoying some self pleasing as he gets to play in front of the cameras alone. He wanted to do something special for this scene as you’ve been following him for a long time and he had to express his gratitude somehow. And as you can see, that happens to be with some nice and kinky cock stroking as well. Let the cameras roll once more without delay and let’s get to see him in action!

The sexy guy had his living room couch for himself as we said. Well you can be sure that he was more than eager to play on it as well as his kink is leather and it just turns him on waay too much. We can see him taking his time to put on a nice and long strip show for you as well and he enjoys the fact that CodyCummings knows that you are watching his every move in this scene. Watch him lay on his back and see him using his masterful hands to stroke his hard dick today and enjoy the amazing jerk off scene that he has for you. And yes, you do get to see him shoot a load as well in the end. Enjoy it and check out his past scenes as well for more!

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