Laying Down The Law

Your favorite hunk, Cody Cummings, is back with another great update and as you can see he has a really close relationship with his lawyer. The horny guys have their own way of taking care of business and that, of course, include a lot of ass fucking, luckily for us. Each time Cody needed his lawyer besides paying his fee he also got a turn at his fine ass. He’s young, just graduated and is into dudes. With the help of some of his friends, he got Cody as a client and stayed friends after that. This is one of the few guys that he kept without knowing that he was into guys. Usually, he could easily tell but with this one, it was a bit different.

After they first victory on the court, Cody invited him over to his place to celebrate and as you can see the celebration didn’t stop at a toast. After he got his lawyer a bit buzzed he admitted that he’s into guys and that’s the best thing you can tell Cody. After this they moved the celebration upstairs were his cute lawyer surprised him even more. He might say that he doesn’t have a lot of experience but what he did there surely wasn’t a rookie’s work. But the night wasn’t complete until Cody Cummings got his turn on his fine ass. Enjoy it and make sure you return to see more of his latest updates! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see a hot tranny getting her pretty face drenched in cum!

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