Cody Lends His Hand

Everyone knows Cody Cummings is a really generous guy, especially when he gets his dick sucked off in that process. When you need his help he’s always there ready to lends you a hand and his new neighbor found that out too. The other day when he was getting back home he saw the moving trucks parked in front of the house next to his. He couldn’t help himself and go there so see who moved it and that was a really good idea. His new neighbor was hot, gay and single, the perfect match. If you are wondering how he found all of this out so fast, well his neighbor loves talking and doesn’t have a lot of boundaries. Cody helped him move a few boxes and after they were done with everything Cody invited him to his place for dinner.

The jock was waiting for the invite so he didn’t need to much time to think it through. The hot new guy and our guy, CodyCummings, jumped over dinner and focused on getting to know one another instead. The preview below is the best proof of that and the guys really kicked it off. The guys couldn’t keep it to themselves for too long so in no time there were literally over one another, blowing their dicks and nailing their asses too. Cody never lets us down and he did a great job in this one as well.

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