The Dungeon Prisoner

Cody Cummings tried out something new in this scene as you can see from the preview. The hunk is joined by two other guys and they end up fucking one another in a dungeon. This is the first time we saw Cody in such a setting and these guys didn’t hold back from too many things, so this is going to be interesting to watch. The guys went all in and tested Cody’s limits. The guys chained him to the ceiling, make sure that he couldn’t move and the guys get full access to his hard dick. We told you guys that Cody like surprising you guys and this is the best proof!

Being the only one tied up, worked out for the other two guys because they could experiment a lot of things. Double teaming is a must and as you can see below these guys didn’t hold back from it. The jocks took turns on sucking off CodyCummings dick and getting their asses nailed at the same time. Cody couldn’t do a lot of things because he was tied, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy everything that was happening around him. The dungeon prisoner got the full treatment and we brought it here, entirely just for you guys. Cody and his new friends had a blast and they surprised us another great update that you can enjoy below. See you guys next time!

Check out this guy getting double teamed!