Cody Cummings GayPorn The Glory Hole

Well for this scene, we have a bit of a special feature. Cody Cummings went down to this profile club where guys like him that love to party hard get together. This particular scene is one superb glory hole one and you get to watch the hot stud as he gets to stick his big and hard cock through a hole and let another guy take care of it for him today. We’ll get to see just how this came to be in just a moment. Either way, you can be sure that both studs walked away satisfied after all this and this seems to be a new club that CodyCummings plans on becoming a regular at without doubt. So let the cameras roll and let’s see the horny studs play.

As Cody went to the bathroom to relieve himself, he started to hear some gentle moaning and whispering from a stall. It seems that there was one dude there already and he was talking to himself as he was stroking his own hard cock. Of course, Cody got turned on by this as he could see that hard cock getting stroked through the hole. Long story short, eventually he slid his meat pole in the hole and let the other guy do the rest. Which he did as there was no way he was passing up the chance to not play with a nice and big cock as well. So watch the guy as he gets to jerk off and suck Cody’s cock as well at the same time today. Have fun with it and see you soon!

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