Redhead Nikki Rhodes falls for Cody’s big hairy adventure

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Scene Title: Cody’s enthralled adventure

Description: Looks like we have the lovely Nikki Rhodes back with us but this time she has a special treat for Cody Cummings.

Cody is kicking back in his bed when he here’s a knock on the door and Nikki comes strutting in. His face lights up with a huge grin and she decides to try something new with Mr. Cummings.

Nikki proceeds to tie up his arms to the bed post so she can have full control of him. As he lies helplessly in the bed she continues to tease him to the extreme. She’s waving her butt in his face and he is trying to break free but to no success as he is tied up pretty dam good. Cody’s dick hard as a rock aching to pounce her gets his wish eventually but not before she has had her way with him.

This is a new situation for Cody considering he has never been tied up before. Come watch Cody take full advantage of her once he breaks free from his bondage.