The Erect Director

Your favorite guy, Cody Cummings is back but this time he has to parts. You got used to seeing Cody fucking guys but this time you get to know Cummings the director as well. He wanted to get some really cool pov frames so he had to shoot them himself. The hot director made sure everyone was in their place and then started rolling. The erect director got some amazing frames with his two friends taking turns on sucking off his dick and then bang one another’s ass while he was recording everything. Don’t worry he joined to fun also and didn’t skip his turn to drilled his friend’s ass when it was his turn. He had a blast fucking and shooting and you can see that in the scene below!

So what you are going to get in this video are actual pov scene shoot by your truly. He was all over the place catching all the action on camera just for you guys. If you think you’ve seen it all wait until you get a look at this one. It’s like you were actually there with these three hunks as they were busy, jerking off, sucking dick and banging their asses. The things we saw here are surreal so better check them out entirely and we’ll see you guys next time with more hot updates. Cody has a few more surprises prepared for you guys so don’t forget to return for more tomorrow!


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Cody Cummings – The Master

Cody Cummings, your favorite guy, found a new boy toy to fuck. This guy came to audition for a part in one of his movies and you can’t really get to an audition without showing what you can’t do. At first, the guy didn’t seem too interesting, he’s your common type of guy. He was cute, but nothing out of the ordinary. But this guy is filled with surprised and Cody is going to find them out, one by one. Your favorite pornstar, Cody had all the auditions in his house and as you can see after talking a bit with this guy, they got down to business. Cody had to test him and like we said earlier, this guy is filled with surprises.


He really knows his way around dicks and he isn’t shy about showing that off. Just by the way he started jerking off his dick, Cody knew that this guy was going to do a great job. The master, Cody, got himself a new partner for his scenes, but although he did a great job he could let him go without testing his ass as well. Once his clothes started coming off, Cody couldn’t help but notice his rock hard body and his big dick. This actually was a good pick and Cody got to nail his ass to end things the best way possible. This was all but you want to see more of Cody’s scenes make sure you check out some of the older updates!

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The Dungeon Prisoner

Cody Cummings tried out something new in this scene as you can see from the preview. The hunk is joined by two other guys and they end up fucking one another in a dungeon. This is the first time we saw Cody in such a setting and these guys didn’t hold back from too many things, so this is going to be interesting to watch. The guys went all in and tested Cody’s limits. The guys chained him to the ceiling, make sure that he couldn’t move and the guys get full access to his hard dick. We told you guys that Cody like surprising you guys and this is the best proof!

Being the only one tied up, worked out for the other two guys because they could experiment a lot of things. Double teaming is a must and as you can see below these guys didn’t hold back from it. The jocks took turns on sucking off CodyCummings dick and getting their asses nailed at the same time. Cody couldn’t do a lot of things because he was tied, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy everything that was happening around him. The dungeon prisoner got the full treatment and we brought it here, entirely just for you guys. Cody and his new friends had a blast and they surprised us another great update that you can enjoy below. See you guys next time!


Check out this guy getting double teamed!


Cody Cummings Oops

Cody Cummings did it again! Oops! The ripped jock fucked another hot guy and shared it with you guys. Cody is one of the luckiest guys because he keeps on stumbling over these hot guys wherever he goes. The new guys was found in a store next to his house. Cody brought a lot of things so his boss sent him to help Cody carry them to his house. He wasn’t going to let the guy return to the store without paying him for his help. But while he was looking after his wallet he saw the young jock checking out his ass.

Well this would actually work out for both of them, so why not try it out. He was getting more time away from him job and Cody has a fresh new ass to bang. We swear guys just fell in CodyCummings lap! He surely is lucky and get his hands on some really hot guys and that really loose and up for some fun. This guy surely worked hard for his tip and you can see that in the preview below. The guy started by sucking off CodyCummings dick and then got it shoved his fine ass deeper and deeper by the hot hunk. You can see it all in the preview below and see everything that went down between them. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more!


Take a look at this jock sucking off Cody’s hard dick!


Sensual Encounter

This is what we call a good massage session. Cody Cummings, your favorite hunk, got to bang his masseur, again, in this latest update. This guy is amazing, besides offering some amazing massages he also goes to his clients’ house to do that. But there’s another thing about him that his clients love about him. This guy offers full body massages that most of the time end with blowjobs and ass drilling.  Today he did his thing again. Cody Cummings gave him a call the other day to book him for an entire afternoon. This cute masseur is the best there is and below you are going to see why everyone says that. There’s more so don’t leave just yet!

The masseur did his part and rubbed every inch of his Cody’s tense body and after he was relaxed he started the second part of his massage. Well, this is what Cody waited for and couldn’t wait to get his hands on his hot masseur. Cody’s towel fell really fast and soon after that his cute masseur had his mouth stuffed his hard dick. That massage table saw a lot of things and during this massage session, we got a great look too. Cody on a massage table fucking his hot masseur it’s something that you definitely shouldn’t miss out, trust us you are going to really like this. This was all for today but stay tuned for another great update.


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Cody Cummings Getting Warm

Cody Cummings getting warm with another cute younger guy. The ripped jock found a new fuck boy to screw in this latest update. The guy actually moved in the house next to him with some of his friends. Everyone knows how these college houses are, all day every day they do one thing, party. One party is okay, maybe two but hearing noise all day long for an entire week is too much for anyone to stand so Cody had to do something about it. He went to their place to let them know that he was going to call the cops if they continue with the noise.


Well, he did his part but he wasn’t expecting to see such a hot guy. Cody stands by his solution but one of the guys just made a really interesting offer. The cute guy was interested in him and didn’t mind to get fucked by him if that was going to get them out of troubles. That didn’t really solve his problems but it was a start at least now he was getting something out of it. Cody took him to his place and made sure that he got the best out of his fine little ass. Enjoy it and make sure you tell us what you think about this scene, but we are sure you guys are going to love it. See you guys tomorrow with more!

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Room Serviced

This is what we call complete room services. Cody Cummings always gets the best services as you can see below, the cute employee couldn’t get enough of his hard dick. Cody stayed at this nice hotel last weekend when he was out of town for some business meetings. Everyone talked highly about this place and now we understand why. He got settled in and after a busy day he got a visit from one of his employees and by the employee we mean a cute younger hunk ready to take care of his needs. Cody wasn’t going to turn down such an offer so he invited the cute guy in his room and let his show just how much he cares about his clients. He didn’t need too much time to get down to business.

The jock got down on his knees and started blowing CodyCummings’s dick and he did an amazing job doing it. After he finished with his dick, Cody thanked him by slamming his ass and it was so hot. We think now it’s clear for everyone why is this hotel one of the best and why they have the best services. You are going to love seeing these two in action just as much as we did so make sure you take a look at their entire scene. This was all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow with a brand new gut on guy update!


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Cody Cummings – Bedtime Tail

Cody Cummings got a new sleeping buddy and they also get down before bedtime. The younger hunk found two jobs and one of them was all about getting his ass nailed by Cody. Actually, the guy had both of his jobs around Cody’s house. He initially started working around his house, cleaning his backyard, his pool but then his responsibilities extended for the right amount of money. Cody was into the youngster but he had to wait for a few days to make sure that he was into guys. Once that was settled nothing was going to stop Cody from trying out his new hunk. So stay tuned before you are going to love this!


The new hot guy was just like he imagined, he looked amazing without his clothes on, but the youngster had so much more surprises for Cody and let’s say that there are a few things that can surprise our hunk CodyCummings. Once they got to the bed the cute guy started blowing his hard dick and he didn’t stop until he got covered with jizz. But Cody wanted more and that included fucking his tight ass. You gotta check out the entire scene to see how dirty these guys can get and we can assure you that you guys will enjoy it as much as we did. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more gay updates!

Take a look at Cody getting his dick sucked off by Cody!


Oral Instruction

Cody Cummings has more guests in his latest scene. The guys took turns on blowing Cody’s dick and then getting their asses hammered by the ripped jock. The younger guys got an important lesson about oral sex, a lesson they aren’t going to forget too soon. The guys were some of his older students that didn’t mind doing the extra work for a bigger grade. But let’s face it wasn’t all work, the guys also enjoyed their time with Cody. It was the best way to spend their time after classes and they made it into a daily thing. Of course, they had to keep it between closed doors because their deal isn’t an ordinary one or an accepted one.

The rookies couldn’t wait to get underneath Cody and take his hard dick up their asses. While the youngsters were busy blowing his dick Cody was teaching them how to do things right. He had a dildo in his hands and explained to the in detail what he likes. CodyCummings had a blast and so did his pal as the two guys were doing their best to please them. You got a lot to check out in this one and you will love every second of it. You can check it all in the gallery below and make sure you return for more updates featuring your favorite jock. See you guys tomorrow!


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Cody Cummings and Vince Ferelli

Cody Cummings and Vince Ferelli are back with another amazing update. The hot duo is back and they kept things just as hot as they were last time when the guys also had a blast blowing and banging their asses. Cody knew that Vince has a little studio so he was his first call a few days ago. He needed some nude pictures for his portfolio and he wasn’t going to undress for a complete stranger. Once he got to Vince’s place, Cody started taking off his clothes, revealing his hot body and those rock hard abs. It was really hard for Vince to focus but luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait for it too much!

But let’s face nobody is here for his body and we are all waiting to see his hard dick. Vince kept it professional and took some photos of Cody but then he couldn’t help it and seeing his butt naked in front of him made his job so much harder. He couldn’t focus at all so he gave up on taking photos and made sure that he did everything he could to please Cody. Vince undressed and then took his time to suck off Cody’s dick in front of the rolling cameras. We were hoping that the guys might spice things up between them and we weren’t wrong. You can check out the entire scene below and make sure you tell us what you think about it!


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