Cody Cummings And Paul Wagner

Cody Cummings and Paul Wagner are good friends, but they share so much more. The guys get together when they have time to nail one another’s ass. Usually, they get together to hoop but that after a few laps they end up sharing the same shower and nailing their asses instead. Today wasn’t that different from most of their meetings, they started by actually going in the backyard and taking some shots on the basketball court. They both got bored of that pretty fast so that was it with basketball for that day. Let’s face it everyone knew why they got together and basketball was just a way to postpone that.

The guys moved the action indoors, where Cody’s neighbor couldn’t disturb them. This time they didn’t make it to the shower that fast because they made a quick break in the living room so Paul could suck off Cody’s dick while jerking off his dick. Cody moved all the fun upstairs soon after and the guys started their ball routine. A steamy shower where our hunk, Cummings got his dick sucked a bit more and then it was Cody’s turn to do his magic and nobody does it like him. We can assure of that! In case this is the first scene you see from Cody make sure you take a look at some of the older updates as well. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more scenes or visit the site and see a hot tranny sucking cocks!

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