Just A Visitor

Cody Cummings has a new visitor in his room and as usual, things end up pretty good for both of them. Cody got to bang one of the guys from the hotel he was staying at. Most of the time guys fall into Cody’s lap and that really saves him a lot of work and time, this is also what happened here. A few days ago he had to make a business trip and stayed at his usual hotel, but this time there were some new guys working there. Guys that Cody didn’t get the chance to check out and more important, test out.

Y’all know Cody isn’t the guy to miss out on something like this, so he tested the waters and began flirting with one of the guys. Needless to say that worked out great for him because after his shift the guy was at his doorstep. Nothing better to help him relax before an important meeting then a one night stand, to strings attached, just sex. Cody let the cute guy do his work as he was lying down on the bed waiting his turn to stuff his ass. After Cody jizzed all over his cute face he finally got to bang his ass. Yes, this is pretty much how things work out for CodyCummings and we enjoy every minute of it. So make sure you check it out as well!

Check out Cody nailing this hot guy’s ass!