Cody Cummings Videos: 3 Fucking Studs

Last updated: October, 2020

Another fresh week and for this one we have some special Cody Cummings videos for you. In this one we had too much video to show off in once scene so we split it in two as you will get to see. So let’s get this thing started. For the first gay sex scene you can see, Cody got along with another two of his buddies and the trio would spend the whole afternoon fucking one another in the ass for your viewing pleasure. So sit back and enjoy it guys. Bye bye!

For the second part of these Cody Cummings videos we bring you another trio formed by Cody and his hot buddies, just like the guys from ragingstallion videos. But this one is rather intriguing as Cody and one of his buddies win a bet against the last one and he’s suppose to offer up his ass for grabs as the two will do a fine job of plowing his tight holes today. Watch the trio have their little fuck fest for today and enjoy everyone. We’re also reminding you to check out the past updates as well for some more scenes. We want to tell you to also check out the previous updates for some more nice and hot little scenes with Cody having sex!

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Cody Cummings video: Code Red

Cody brings you one more fresh Cody Cummings video today. This nice little scene is to serve as a tanks for sticking by him for so long. The sexy stud is going to get his tight ass penetrated by a big and rock hard cock today and you will get front row seats as always to this hot and fresh sex show. So sit back and watch as the hot Cody is getting his ass thoroughly plowed by his buddy as he lays on his back taking his fucking. Watch him take a nice and sticky jizz load in the ass as well for a nice finish. See you soon once more and just enjoy this scene.

The whole CodyCummings scene starts off with the sexy Cody getting himself in the submissive role for this hardcore gay sex scene. His buddy this time always enjoys being dominant in bed, and since Cody just loves pleasing all of his fuck buddies he takes the receiving end this fine afternoon. Rest assured that even Cody likes to get his tight ass pounded every now and then and experience a nice and proper anal pounding. So just sit back and watch as he gets his ass properly hammered by his buddy in this fresh and hot video that we have for you into his update.

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Hot Tub Suck and Rub

Caleb Colton is one of CodyCummings ’ best bud and today, your favorite male porn star invited him over to spend the afternoon for some more hot scenes. The two of them would get to go at it in the hot tub as they will spend the time sucking some big cocks and stroking one another’s big dicks. Watch them as they also bend over afterwards, and you can see them taking turns to fuck one another in the ass as well for your enjoyment today. Enjoy your stay everyone and see you soon with some more fresh and hot content from Cody as he has his fun with this nice stud today.

The two studs decided to take some time and play in the tub while they were there. And since they were both completely naked they decided to have some sexual fun together. Sit back and watch closely as this fuck body of Cody’s starts to suck on his cock with a passion to get him all nice and hard for his tight ass and you can see that Cody Cummings enjoys the treatment a lot. Then it was his turn to make his buddy feel good. So just sit back and watch as he gets to fuck that tight and round ass this fine afternoon today everyone. We bet you’ll simply love it and we’ll be back next week! Until then check out CMNM blog and have fun watching other sexy guys getting naked and getting their asses stuffed.


cody cummings gets sucked and rubed

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Cody Cummings & Johnny Ryder

Today Cody Cummings had another friend over and you can bet that it would go down with some more sex scenes between them this fine day. HIs guest for today is Johnny Ryder and the two would spend the whole afternoon fucking as they got rather bored, and what better way to spend the time than to have some gay sex. Watch the hunks as they take turns to please their cocks and then bend over to fuck each other in their asses. Have a wonderful moment here with us and see you soon. You can bet we’ll have more for you so for now enjoy this scene everyone.

Cody and Johnny have been long time friends and even longer time fuck buddies. Today you get to see the sexy studs in an explosive encounter as they go about fucking one another in the ass and sucking each other’s cocks just for your viewing pleasure in this nice update today. We’re sure that you will simply adore it. You get to see the two hunks taking the time to fuck one another in the ass and sucking their cocks on a brown leather couch today just for your viewing pleasure. have fun with this nice update and enjoy the show. We’ll return next week with some more hot and sexy scenes like usual! If u can’t wait until then, check out the Hammer VIP site and see some hot twinks getting fucked!

cody cummings and dick ryder

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Servicing the Help

More Cody Cummings videos are headed your way today guys, as the hot hunk has Johnny Torque here with him to show off on camera. The two studs take to the kitchen to prepare some drinks but it seems they got too horny and for this gay porn video you will get to see them fuck and suck some cock. Watch as Johnny takes the first step as he kneels down to suck on Cody’s monster cock. You can bet that afterwards he bent over and presented his ass for a nice dicking as Cody went balls deep in his tight ass. Enjoy everyone, and so let’s get this hot show started without further due.

Cody Cummings serviced by the help By now you know what Cody likes and this fine day he’s getting some more of that. He gets to have his cock sucked by another superb stud as they have some sexual fun in the kitchen and get all naughty and wild. The other stud can’t wait any longer to get his lips around that big cock, and you simply need to see this stud as he sucks and deep throats that big dick today. Sit back and watch that hunk sucking Cody dry in this scene as he does his nice blow job until Cody blows his big load all over the place and on his face. We hope you liked it everyone! If you’re looking for similar videos and pics, check out the Breed Me Raw site and see some muscled gay guys fucking!

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Cody Cummings: Down & Dirty

Another fresh week and this time we have yet another Cody Cummings free video to show off to you. In this one Cody would bring to you a nice scene at where he and a buddy of his get to fuck a nice lady by the name of Delilah Blue. He likes pussy too just in case you didn’t know but her just prefers to have sex with guys. So let’s sit back and watch the bisexual guys having sexual fun with the horny and sexy woman Delilah at  today. Like always enjoy everyone and let’s get this hot scene started without further due this fine and hot afternoon shall we?

cody cummings down and dirty

As you can see Cody has the best of friends when it comes to having sex and today he had on over miss Delilah to help with his threesome along with another one of his male fuck buddies. This woman just loved the time she got today as she got to fuck the other guy in the ass while Cody himself was fucking her nice and tight pussy hard style. So watch as the suds take turns to fuck the sexy woman, and also present their asses to one another today. It’s safe to say that no one that participated to the fuck fest today left the scene unsatisfied. Have fun guys!

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Triple Exposure

Today we have a special update as we bring you some Cody Cummings videos for this scene. In this scene, the hunk got together with Ty and Trey and these horny guys decided to play some pool and have a little bet. The one who lost would have to do some nice blowjobs and put his ass up for grabs so that the others may get to fuck hard core. Watch as Cody and Ty manage to get their cocks sucked by Trey, and watch them fuck him balls deep in the end of this superb video scene today. See you next time with more as always and let’s enjoy this scene thoroughly.

Trey himself wasn’t really fazed by this whole thing and he was more than happy to get around to having fun with the cocks of the other guys. Sit back and watch as Trey starts to suck and slurp on both of these cocks at the same time while CodyCummings and Ty enjoy the blow jobs that they get. Then as you will see they get to work as they put Try on the pool table and take turns to fuck his tight and cock hungry ass. And while one of them fucks Trey’s ass the other one keeps having him sucking on his cock with a passion. Enjoy it and see you next week as usual!

Cody Cummings triple exposure

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Master Masseur

Hey there once more everyone, today the sexy stud Cody Cummings brings you some more of his hot scenes. This time he’s taking the role of a master masseur and he plans to give his client a happy end as well. Watch him as he starts the massage session with his client taking care to work every inch of his hot body. Then it’s time for the happy end as Cody starts to work the client’s cock with everything he’s got today. So sit back and enjoy the show everyone. We’ll be back next week with some more fresh content for you so until then let’s watch the stud in action.

Cody Cummings master masseur

Today this good buddy of Cody’s came to his place to catch up on what they’ve been doing lately and have some fun maybe. Well it turns out that Cody wanted to demonstrate the proper way to do a full body massage, and his good fuck buddy here is more than happy to help him with a nice demonstration today. Sit back and watch him as he starts to maneuver his hands all over his good buddy’s sexy body today and watch him do a pretty good massage. But as we said, the part at the end is the icing on the cake as Cody gives a happy end to this whole massage thing. If you wanna see other hot gay guys fucking, visit the site! Have fun!

Enjoy as Cody offers the most sensual rub ending ever!


CodyCummings & Anthony Romero

CodyCummings has a special guest for today’s awesome scene. The other guy that got to have fun with him today is named Anthony Romero and he’s just as horny and sexy as your resident horny stud. So let’s sit back and watch their scene together as you will be in for some nice treats. You can see as Romero takes the time to suck Cody’s big cock and then watch as he gets to fuck Cody balls deep with his big cock. We’re sure that you will enjoy this session and don’t forget to come back once more next week for more. So let’s get started with this one.

Cody Cummings sure likes to have his share of submissive male sluts and Anthony was more than enough for our guy to get to sink his big cock inside that tight ass today. Watch as Anthony gets to have his ass nicely stretched by our guy’s rock hard cock and enjoy seeing him getting fucked. Cody also likes do it very hard style so you can bet that he fucked that tight and horny butt balls deep and hard with his big dick. We hope that you’ll like it and rest assured that we will be back next week with some more nice and hot scenes. Enjoy it and see you guys next time once more! Check out website and have fun watching other great gay sex galleries, featuring one hot and muscled guy!


Watch Cody and his new friend having fun together!


Cody Cummings Solo: Private Prep

Hey there guys, today we bring you a nice Cody Cummings solo session for you to see and enjoy. The hot stud decided that he wants to show off his body some more and as a bonus he’d also let you see how he likes to please his big cock. So let’s get his solo jerk off session started for today shall we? Sit back and watch him tease you with his ripped body and then see as he starts to stroke that big meat pole of his for your viewing pleasure. BE sure not to miss this hot stud’s next great update as you will get to see more of him. So let’s just get around to show off his nice and hot gallery for today shall we everyone?

cody cummings solo

Cody just enjoys having some private time every now and then to play around with himself. And as you can see he enjoys playing with his big cock and muscled body quite a lot as you will observe. As we said, this sexy stud, starts off by taking off his clothes to reveal that sexy muscled body of his to the cameras for this day. And then as the cameras start to roll, he makes his way down to his cock and starts to play with it. So just enjoy seeing this hot hunk as he does a nice and hot self pleasing session as he jerks off just for you guys and the cameras this fine afternoon. Enjoy it and see you next time! Until then check out the next door male blog and have fun watching other horny guys playing with their large cocks!

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